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How to use the SportEngine Mobile App

09/10/2017, 10:00am PDT
By admin

Below is a link to a video on how to use our SportEngin Mobile App, which we recommend downloading as it can be an easy and convenient way to access updated team information.  In addition you can set the app to notify you whenever an email or schedule change happens ... so you get those change right away.

To Download: Go to the "App Store" on your iOS or Android device and search for SportEngine Team Management (not YVBA).  Once downloaded, watch the video below to set up the app.

This video shows our YVBA branded app, and not the newer SportEngine App. Please make sure you are downloading the NEWER SportEngine App. We will be updating the videos shortly.





You can also set up text notifications on your phone when the schedule changes or a team email is sent out.  The two videos below will help you set up the settings to receive text notification if you want it.





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